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Relief your migraine pain with banana!

Have you ever faced with severe cranial crises accompanied by regular pulsations? Than you know what is terrible headache!

According to one study, it affects about 12% men, 3 times more women and almost 10% of teenagers.
Prepare yourself with this natural remedies to relieve the pain, but first visit your doctor to check if migraine hide other insidious diseases as well.

Symptoms of migraine:

-Progressive pain with beats inside the skull;

-nausea or vomiting;

-hypersensitivity to light and noise.

Triger factors:

  • stress
  • sleep disruption
  • hormonal imbalance
  • effect of alcohol or cigarettes
  • inhalation of irritating chemical odors
  • overexposure to some sensory factors such as noise bright light, etc.

How you can recognize a migraine?

If you:

1.have a very bad pain on one side of your head;
2.feel pulsation on the side where the pain is;
3.have a prevention from going about your normal activities and sleeping;
4.have a headage that increases as you try to make an effort;
5.have nausea;
7.have pain that become intense when you are exposed to light or noise.

Natural remedies for migraine pain relief:

1. Banana peel and ice compress

As it’s commonly used in Japanese medicine known as cryotherapy, ice is used as an alternative treatment all over the world.
The cold is effective in relieving headaches and some pains, as a result of its analgesic effect. It penetrate in the deep tissue and its action lasts 2-4 hours.

Wram some ice cubes in a banana skin, then apply this compress on the head and neck for about 15-20 minutes, 2 to 4 times a day. The potassium that is in the banana skin will help you relieve the migraine.
One week application is enough. If the pain continues beyond this period, consult a doctor. If you notice redness or feel tingling sensation, that means that your skin is sensitive, and you should make lighter applications to prevent frostbite (skin irritation).
Avoid ice in the following cases:

-problems with blood circulation;
-medication affecting the state of consciusness;
-malignant neoplasm (cancer).
2. Lavender essential oil
As it’s well known nowadays, the lavender essential oil have anti-inflammatory, soothing, and pain killing effect. It contains monoterpenes with analgesic effects.

Put two drops of lavender essential oil in a pot of boiling water and inhale the steam for 15 minutes.

Another solution, mix a drop of lavender oil with a spoon of vegetable oil for massage of the head, neck and temples.

Warning: monoterpenes can cause allergy and iritation to the sking, where the essential oil is used in pure form. Dilute it with vegetable oil to prevent skin burn.
It’s not reccomended to consume lavender infusion or any other form with anticoagulants. It contains coumarin, that can cause problems with the liver. It’s also inconsistent with ferric chloride and iodine.

3. Flaxseeds

They contain essential fatty acids, fiber and omega-3 which help fight constipation, cholesterol regulating, and soothing many pains, including headaches.
It’s reccomended to consume flax seeds with meals or water, to help you reduce your pain.

Warning: people with intestinal diverticula should avoid consumption of flaxseeds, because the grains can cause inflammation by lodging withing these pockets. Also, people with thyroid disorders might avoid flaxseeds because of it cyanogen content which inhibit compound that aggravates their condition.

4. Peanut butter and ginger

Mix peanut butter with grated ginger, then apply on your temples and stop the migraine. Indeed, that massage helps the absorption of magnesium and arginine through the skin, reducing the stress and strengthening the body’s defenses.
Warning: pregnant women do not use ginger, people with blood disorders and diabetes also. Ask your doctor first.

5.Peppermint essential oil

The advantage of using the peppermint essential oil has analgesic, soothing and anesthetics effects.
Mix peppermint oil with vegetable or almond oil or warm water, then apply on the temples, forehead and neck. It will calm your headache.

Warning: do not use essential oils in children or pregnant women without previous precautions, because they contain many powerful active ingredients.


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