Weight loss

Get rid of obesity with homemade remedy

Obesity is the caused of gain overweight and all age of people affected. Obesity can be measured with body mass index(BMI). BMI calculated as divided your weight in kg by your height in square meters. It is possible to get rid of obesity using various home remedies.

Get rid of obesity with homemade remedy

Get rid of obesity with homemade remedy

Home Remedies To get rid of obesity naturally:

These home remedies are controlled obesity in your body and also helps to maintain your body in shape.

    • Green Tea

      Green tea is most famous and beneficial for your Health drink.Green tea has been very effective in weight loss.It helps in losing weight treatment without any exercise and weight loss pills.Drink green tea daily 2 to 3 time.Less than a week you should see the visible result.

    • Lime juice and Apple cider vinegar

      Mix these two ingredients in the lukewarm water glass.Take only one teaspoon of lime juice and one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and mix it well.Then drink this drink on empty stomach daily basis for three or four months.Lime juice change the taste of drink and apple cider vinegar boost your metabolism.After one month you start seeing the better result.

    • Apple Cider Vinegar

      Daily take one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar before going to bed.This helps to burn your fat fast during your sleep.

    • Drink Hot Water

      There is the very simple remedy to get rid of obesity. Drink hot water instead of cold water.Drink water during your meal. Or drink water after half hour of your meal.Hot water melts your fat.

      Note: Never drink water immediately after your meal.

    • Mint Leaves:

      Mint leaves are known for its digestive properties.Take half teaspoon of mint leaves juice and mix it in the glass of warm water.And use this drink after 30 minutes of your meal.This drink boosts your metabolism fast and it will also help in digestion.

    • Fennel Seeds:

      Fennel seeds are widely used in Asia.This is the most popular home remedies to reduce appetite.Take some fennel seed and boil it with a cup of water for 5 minutes. Then remove the fennel seeds from the water.Use this water on morning time that empties your stomach and boost your metabolism.

    • Home Made Foods:

      Strict yourself to eat homemade foods regularly.Because homemade foods contain less fat.

    • Fruits and Vegetables:

      Use low calories fruits and vegetables like carrot, green leafy vegetables tomato etc.Take tomato salad for breakfast that helps to reduce weight.

    • Pepper With Honey:

      Honey is the most famous natural ingredient and it is used in many remedies.For weight, loss remedy takes one teaspoon of honey and two teaspoons of lemon juice with a small amount of pepper.Mix these three ingredients with one glass of water and mix it well.Use this drink on daily basis at morning time.

    •  Spices in your green tea:

      Use spices in your green tea such as ginger, cardamom, cinnamon and black pepper.Use two or three spices in your tea on daily basis at morning time for two months.

    • Get rid of obesity with Honey:

      Take 1 glass of warm water and mix one teaspoon of honey.Mix honey in water.Then add one teaspoon of lemon juice in this mixture.Your drink is ready to drink.Use this drink at morning time on an empty stomach.Use it for 3 months.

    • Curry Leaves:

      Eat curry leaves on empty stomach at morning time.And also drink curry leaves juice.Use this remedy for three months.

    • Spices in your green tea:

      Use spices in your green tea such as ginger, cardamom, cinnamon and black pepper.Use two or three spices in your tea on daily basis at morning time for two months.

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